How printing innovation is unlocking business potential

May 2, 20163 Minute Read

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Innovation: It’s a trendy word, but what exactly does it mean? Most people associate innovation with highly evolved products and inventions, such as self-driving cars, smart thermostats and the Boston Dynamics’ robot that keeps getting to his feet after being repeatedly knocked down. But Even printing innovation is a thing; if you’ve ever seen the awesomeness that can be created by a 3D printer, you know what we mean.

Printing faster, cheaper, and more efficiently

Most people aren’t aware of the innovation happening in printing today—most people don’t think about printing period—or know how much the product has changed over time. But there’s a lot of innovation going on behind the scenes.

Printing innovation could refer to many different types of major innovations, such as laser or 3D printing, but it could also involve something more simple, one innovative change to the tech that removes a huge time-suck. Remember that annoying strip you used to have to pull off before installing your cartridge? Because of recent innovations in original HP toner cartridges, that’s a thing of the past.

But the advancements don’t end there: Thanks to a breakthrough in toner chemistry, HP LaserJet printers can now print up to 40 percent faster. They also run cooler, using up to 53 percent less energy than they did before. Even better, unlike the business printers of the past that sat in far-off corners of the office like boulders, they’re smaller—taking up to 40 percent less space.

Smart, self-healing printers that keep themselves secure

It sounds far fetched, but printers do get hacked—often. Even more far fetched, printers can now intelligently and adaptively protect themselves from breaches. Many HP LaserJet printers can automatically verify their software’s integrity, activate self-healing security features to eliminate malicious code on the spot, and even close open ports and lock down other security vulnerabilities to prevent unwanted intrusions. These innovations give the IT manager peace of mind, knowing that their printers, which are often viewed as the weakest link on a network, are safe and secure when locked down.

Printing innovations for the small office

Small offices need innovative printing to stay productive and competitive, too, and small business printers have evolved to better support their needs. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. Today’s compact small office printers feature an integrated output tray that neatly collects your print jobs for you in a single place. This solves the problem of the past when you’d forget to pull out the tray extension and paper would fall to the floor. They’re also swift: their ultra-fast duplex feature speeds through print jobs at rates of up to 20 pages per minute.

No matter what your business or vertical, printing innovation can help you work smarter, faster, more flexibly, and even more securely—all while saving money and staff time. With the ability to work quickly and seamlessly, from a desktop computer at the office or on a tablet at a train station, you’ll be free to focus on the innovations that power your work forward. Imagine what you’ll be able to get done. How will you innovate today?

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