5 IT movies on Netflix that will blow your mind

May 2, 20163 Minute Read

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Technology is the driving force behind the all-encompassing, unrelenting pace of change we live in—and the new and upcoming is often dazzling. What’s more impactful than tech? Not much, but sinking into a personal Netflix marathon may just have equal pull.

There are a ton of science fiction movies that show what tech might look like in the future, but there are also some great films heralding the awesome technology on our planet right now—even more interesting is the story of how it came to be. Check out these must-see IT movies available on Netflix today.

Something Ventured

Cast of "Something Ventured" film

Photo courtesy of © Geller/Goldfine Productions

To understand something is to interpret its past. Something Ventured is a look at the advent of the technology industry in Silicon Valley, and the risks people took to create something truly important. From the Silicon Valley’s Traitorous Eight to the advent of Intel, this is a remarkable history of how far tech has come. As you’ll see in the film, it was the military that fostered much of the science we see in the gadgets of today, and entrepreneurs and investors take huge risks for new products and services to take hold in the market.

Print the Legend

Print the Legend 3D Printed Micro City from printthefilm.com

Photo courtesy of printthefilm.com

3D printing is the ability to make real-world things with advanced machinery. Think next-generation printer tech. Print the Legend is one of those IT movies that shows how hard this can actually be. In this case, it’s the 3D printing company MakerBot. From computer parts to cars to food, 3D printing could change everything we understand about real-world objects. If 3D printers have the potential to create almost anything, then Print the Legend is a manifestation of that.


Dean Kamen at a podium before a huge crowd, courtesy of Moon Avenue LLC

Photo courtesy of © 2014 Moon Avenue LLC. All rights reserved.

Working in tech can be a total grind, but it can also be worth it when there’s a breakthrough. Case-in-point is SlingShot, which profiles inventor Dean Kamen. He’s invented a bunch of amazing things to improve the world, including a wheelchair that can climb stairs and the often-ridiculed Segway transportation machine. It’s clear that Kamen is a remarkable person and he loves his job. Of course, who wouldn’t want to fly their own helicopter to work everyday like he does? Kamen’s next feat? Using a box-sized machine to turn dirty water anywhere in the world to drinkable water.

A Faster Horse

Ford Mustang behind-the-scenes shot from A Faster Horse

Photo courtesy of A Faster Horse

Keep hearing about the day cars won’t need drivers anymore? True, autonomous vehicles are just around the corner, but the mechanical aspect of building traditional cars remains an awesome sight to see. A Faster Horse reveals the engineering challenges it took to build the latest Ford Mustang muscle car. This film also highlights that even though we face a driverless future, cars are actually fun to drive—especially fast cars that aren’t stuck in traffic.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Steve Jobs honored in WIPO Celebrates Visionary Innovators by United states Mission Geneva

Photo courtesy of United States Mission Geneva, Flickr

Had enough of Steve Jobs movies? Save room for one that features the man himself. An inspiring and thought-provoking interview with Jobs, Steve Jobs: One Last Thing is a mind-spinning look at the Apple icon’s unrivaled effect on industries across the globe. To this day, Job’s encourages us all—not just tech people—to diverge from the common, and reminds us that there’s no better way to solve tough technical problems we all face when its crunch time than to “think different.”

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